Jason Pittman

Covington, LA

Jason was born and raised in Central Louisiana where he grew up learning to fish impounded lakes, which included Toledo Bend and various others in the area. With the help of his dad, Floyd Pittman, it was on these lakes that he began to understand the sport of bass fishing and quickly realized that it offered a career path he wanted to take. His first tournament fishing was at the age of eight with his dad who always had the time to show off the best technique no matter what the circumstances. After developing the knowledge of these reservoir lakes, the Pittman family was transferred to Southeast Louisiana in the summer of 1988 and it was here that Jason learned how to fish the area's tidal waters. The ability to fish impounded lakes as well as the tidal areas played a critical role in his becoming a better angler.

​In the fall of 1996, Jason began fishing professionally on the Bassmasters Tournament Trail and gained the knowledge of what it truly means to be a professional in this sport. Since that time, he has backed off of the national scene to spend more time fishing in tournaments at home with his dad at both state and local levels. Jason believes that sharing his passion for the sport with his dad and close friends is more valuable than any tournament win he has achieved thus far in his life.