The Code Blue Mini fits into the KYSEK Ice Chest port to monitor ice chest temperature and the life of your ice, ultimately providing insurance against unsafe temperatures on important items such as game from hunts, fresh-caught fish, frozen foods and more.

CodeBlue™ Mini

  • Code Blue Mini
  • Code Blue Mini


  1. Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  2. Enable Audible Alarms
  3. Ice Chest Temperature
  4. Low Temperature Alarm
  5. Time to Refill Counter
  6. High Temperature Alarm
  7. CodeBlue Battery life
  8. Ice Chest internal humidity
  9. CodeBlue Signal Strength
  10. Trends/Information Log
  11. Current Outdoor Conditions
Code Blue Mini runs through the KYSEK SML App

Compatible with iPhone and Android



$ 49.95

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