The Sportsman Log is a great way for those who love the outdoors to keep track of important data relating to your adventures including hunting, fishing, camping and more.

Sportsman Log

  • Sportsman Log


  • 1. Record Weather Conditions
  • 2. Track GPS Locations
  • 3. Document Moon Phases
  • 4. Archive Specific Equipment Used in the Field
  • 5. Upload Trophy Pictures to the Gallery
  • 6. Check Out Tips from Other Hunters or Anglers
  • 7. Upload Your Famous Recipes as well as Learn from Other Anglers
  • 8. And Much, Much More
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The App Offers Users A Variety of Features

Data Collection

Collect data on fishing, hunting and outdoor activities like camping, hiking etc. It even works in off-line mode in outdoor areas where Internet is not available.

View Waypoints

See all waypoints through aerial views provided in Google Maps. Every waypoint collected earns points that can be redeemed for KYSEK premium products.

Weather Conditions

The app collects the weather data for each waypoint including: GPS location and local town if available, temperature, visibility, wind speed and direction, moon phase and more.

Plan, Sort and Share your Trips

Plan your trip based on forecasted conditions and results that you logged on past trips. Sort and view all trips, and share pics via Facebook, Twitter, email or MMS.

Tips, Techniques and Recipes

Get useful hunting and fishing tips from professionals, and view and share cooking recipes.

Fishing Tournaments

Register and participate in fishing tournaments, and tag & release programs.

Sportsman Log Web Portal

The Sportsman Log Web Portal utilizes the information collected in the field by your handheld mobile device to create the ultimate personal database. Once you have synced the portal with your collected data, you will be able to enjoy a long list of benefits.

SML Web Portal includes all of the features listed on the SML App, plus these additional perks below:

Comprehensive Reporting AND Analysis

Improve your fishing and hunting skills with useful analysis and reports from previous results and personal preferences.

Follow Me

If you fail to show up at a pre-determined trip end time, this safety feature allows for a notification to be sent via email to whomever you wish to know your current GPS coordinates (with Premium Plan only).


Develop hunting or fishing groups and share information.

Links AND News Feeds

Gain access to a list of equipment directories, suggested outfitters, hunting and equipment tips, and outdoors news feeds.

Discounts and Coupons

Receive special offers from select sporting good stores and manufacturers.