Connects Two KYSEK ChilSleeves Together to Double Your Chil!

ChilSleeve Double Barrel

  • ChilSleeve Double Barrel


Easy Assembly
  • 1. Place steel hex nut into female hex-shaped recess on the small tab of the Double Barrel attachment. Repeat for other side.
  • 2. Slide Double Barrel band from bottom over ChilSleeve with KYSEK letters facing upward. Repeat with second ChilSleeve.
  • 3. Align the holes on the two Double Barrel bands with the thick tabs facing the inside and contacting each other. The thinner tabs facing the outside.
  • 4.┬áInsert the fastener into the hole on the end opposite the hex nut from step one.
  • 5. Tighten using the thumb screw on the head of the fastener.

Engineered in the USA



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