KYSEK Coolers Give You Two Times the Draining Power

June 04, 2024

What’s one of the biggest pains in the butt when it comes to large, rotomolded ice chests? Having to drain these behemoths. That’s right, you have to pull it away from your tailgate or campsite, or your truck, then find an out-of-the-way spot so none of your crew ends up sloshing around in the water/mud after you empty the liquid. Then you have drag it back to where you want it or hoist it back in the truck. Heaven forbid you don’t have wheels on yours, which adds another level of difficulty to the equation.

This is where the engineers at KYSEK came through with not just one, but multiple ideas on how to make your emptying your ice chest just a little less “draining.”

When it comes to draining, KYSEK Ice Chests offer some unique features that sets them apart from most other rotomolded coolers on the market. Our 35L, 50L, 75L, 100L, and 150L models come with two drain plugs. Why two? Isn’t one good enough, might you ask? No, two are better and this is where the innovation comes in.

Left: The left side of the cooler features a 2-inch drain plug at the bottom. This wide mouth lets water drain quickly and easily. The drain plug itself also comes with a small chain attached to a metal bar at the end which allows the water to drain while the plug remains tethered to the ice chest so you’ll never misplace it.

Right: The right side feature a 3/4-inch drain plug that provides a weeping function to slowly drain your cooler, or can be used with a garden hose attachment to drain your ice chest up to 25-feet away without moving it. When it’s finished, just roll the hose up and store it away for next time.

Want more innovation? Inside, the bottom of the cooler is shaped like a turtle’s back that angles downward to each drain allowing for complete drainage when both plugs are open. In other words, no picking up, shaking and tilting the cooler until all the water is drained away.

KYSEK coolers also feature in-line wheels that allow you to roll the cooler, but have it remain stationary when it needs to be. There’s a bottle opener, padded handles, a top that doubles as a cutting board and the list goes on. All of our accessories such as baskets and ice pack dividers work on multiple sizes so when you go from a 50L to a 75L or vice versa, you don’t have to buy all new accessories. There’s a lot more innovation and cool features, but it’s best to jump over to the cooler page and see for yourself. It’s a pretty impressive product, if we do say so ourselves.

See it in action!