Zach Holt Loves The Lightweight Trekker LT

May 22, 2024

My name is Zach Holt, and I am the mechanical engineer for KYSEK. As a KYSEK employee and an outdoor enthusiast I not only get to design products I believe in, but I regularly put them to work throughout all my adventures. From bow fishing the Louisiana marshes to big game hunting across the midwest, our products KEEP MY STUFF EXTREMELY COLD! I recently acquired a private pilot's license and now more than ever weight and efficiency is very important to my missions.For this reason the Trekker LT is my favorite KYSEK product. At just under 2 lbs. empty weight, this backpack ice chest is ultra light and efficient. The Trekker LT has the ability to fold flat and store virtually anywhere. The cushioned backpack straps make transportation effortless! I use this bag on my flying adventures to keep my essentials cold and accessible. If you demand quality, KYSEK products are for you!

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