Martin Sharpe on benefits of the ChilSleeve

My name is Martin Sharpe and I am the Director of Sales for the KYSEK brand
of cooling products. It's my responsibility to make the buying public more
aware of the KYSEK brand and the unique features that it brings to the
market place.  

While I would not consider myself to be an outdoors kind of person in terms
of hunting, fishing and boating, I will admit that my friends and I never
miss an opportunity to tee it up and enjoy a great round of golf. That said
my favorite product in the KYSEK line of cooling products is the
ChilSleeve. When you want to keep your canned drinks cold when you are on the go, the ChilSleeve is the perfect product. It's lightweight, durable,
keeps up to six canned drinks ice cold for hours and the lid is tethered to
the sleeve so it can never be lost. While the ChilSleeve is available in
five attractive colors, the red is, by far, my favorite. By the way, the
Chilpucks and the Double Barrel accessories make the ChilSleeve even more
attractive to the active outdoor enthusiast. 

Are you familiar with the phrase "You don't know what you don't know?" If
you have ever made, what proved to be a poor choice in regard to a product
purchase in the ice chest or cooler arena, I can assure you that you became
familiar with that phrase very quickly. I know I did!

Consider these troublesome areas: Is it easily portable when fully loaded? Does it meet or exceed your expectations in regard to keeping your goods ice cold for an
extended period of time? Can you open the lid without breaking a fingernail?
Would you find an integral cutting board and a means to measure your catch
helpful? Does it provide useful accessories that fit the entire product
line? Does it drain completely and is easy to clean? Are those latches
troublesome when you close your cooler? If need be, can you lock it easily
and securely? Are the integral parts made to last for the life of the ice
chest, and are they easily replaced if something should inadvertently fail?

 For you boating enthusiasts, is the product designed to provide the best use of the available space you have allocated for your ice chest? If any of these issues hit home, check out KYSEK and you will find out very quickly why KYSEK is known as the brand that provides "Real Outdoor Solutions!”