We didn’t just re-engineer the rotomolded cooler from the ground up. We also re-engineered the dealer-manufacturer relationship. We wanted the best cooler around, period. That means we’d have to re-think what it looks like to sell them.

Why become a KYSEK dealer?

  • Other brands make you carry too many units. We only ask you to stock one of everything.
  • Other brands take up too much space in your warehouse. We provide a beautiful, compact endcap so you can save your stockroom space.
  • Other brands get stingy on high-margin replacement parts. We send you extra parts to replace for free, no questions asked.
  • Other brands source parts from the cheapest bidder. We’ve trademarked & manufactured everything, giving you a direct line to the factory.
KYSEK has the sweetest dealer program around. We wanted the best rotomolded cooler modern technology could produce. WE MADE IT. We know it takes a happy, profitable dealer to make it all work, so we remodeled the system to give you not only what you want, but what you need. Contact us today for more info on becoming a KYSEK dealer.
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