The Ultimate Ice Chest is a complete Cooling Solution

In addition to all of the well-designed features of the KYSEK, we took our craftsmanship to a higher level creating a line of accessories that make our ice chest a cooling system. We offer a range of products that allow you to customize your cooler to meet your needs whether you’re a hunter, fisherman or soccer mom.

As part of a complete cooling system, our accessories are standardized to fit multiple sizes of ice chests. So, if you upgrade from a 75L to a 100L, you don’t need to buy a whole new set of accessories because they were made to fit.

Internal Basket

No more digging under ice to find your food or sandwiches. Our basked fits above your ice to keep items within easy reach.

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Glacier Ice Pack Divider

This divider slips into notches inside the ice chest forming a barrier down the middle. Keep your fish on one side and your drinks on the other. In addition, the liquid inside the ice pack can be frozen ahead of time to further extend the life of your ice.

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25 ft. X-HOSE W/ VALVE

This hose fits our ¾” drain allowing you to empty water up to 25 feet away without moving the ice chest.

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Pad Lock

Our pad lock was specially designed for the KYSEK cooler. It fits within the recessed space below the lock plates and keeps the lid completely closed. In addition, the stainless steel design means the lock won’t rust or deteriorate even around salt water.

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